Dentist – Dental Bus

Dental Bus
Hornby Island Location

The Hornby & Denman Dental Bus is a wonderful community resource. Dr. Peter Walford’s Dental Bus, provides primary dental care for Hornby & Denman residents and visitors. Care is available on a rotating schedule between the two islands. The Society serves as the caretaker and landlord for the Hornby Island appointments.

Dr. Peter Walford

2 week treatment rotation between Hornby & Denman Island
* Please use contact information below for current rotating schedule and booking availability.  

For an emergency & appointment(s):

Hornby (250) 335-2933 

Denman (250) 335-2788


Mailing / Billing Address:
2850 Shingle Spit Road
Hornby Island  BC
V0R 1Z0

Treatment Locations
Hornby Island
1885 Sollans Road
Hornby Island  BC
V0R 1Z0
*Parked beside Hornby Community Medical Clinic

Denman Island
1111 Northwest Road
Denman Island  BC
V0R 1T0
*Parked behind the Denman Activity Centre.