Home Support

HDCHCS provides home care services to residents of Hornby and Denman Islands. Some islanders use these services for short term care after an accident or surgery, others use these services long term to allow them to continue to live in their own home as they age. There are two types of service: Home Support (services provided in cooperation with the local health authority) and Home Assist (privately organized care.)

The following are the answers to some commonly asked questions about our Home Support services. Our Home Support Supervisor, Karen Etheridge is happy to answer any questions about your specific situation. Please contact her by calling (250) 898-0243.

What is Home Support?

Home Support refers to personal care services offered by the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s (VIHA) Home and Community Services.  Authorized services include help with medication reminders, bathing and personal care (help with support stockings, grooming, dressing, toileting), meal preparation and respite. The Hornby and Denman Community Health Care Society provides this service on Hornby and Denman Islands through a contract with VIHA. 

How do you receive Home Support services?

A community member interested in receiving Home Support service can refer themselves or be referred by a doctor, family member or friend. To qualify for these services a nurse from VIHA will assess your situation, identify your care needs and authorize a certain number of hours of Home Support. 

The assessment nurse at VIHA’s Home and Community Services can be reached at (250) 331-8570.

What will Home Support care be like?

The Home Care Supervisor will meet with you to discuss your needs, let you know how the service works and answer any questions. She will organize a schedule of care and match you with caregivers who will be regularly scheduled to come to your home. The caregivers are well trained, professional, and all are registered with the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry.

How much does Home Support cost?

Many people receive Home Support services at no cost. Others pay a set daily rate. This rate is calculated for each client based on their individual circumstances and is determined by VIHA, not the Hornby and Denman Community Health Care Society. Some things considered when setting this rate include your net income and whether or not you are living on your own. By getting an assessment (there is no charge for this) you will be able to find out what this rate will be for you.

What is Palliative care?

Palliative care refers to care for a person who is living with a life-threatening illness, regardless of their age. Palliative care does not hasten or delay death, but does provide comfort and support to the person, their family and loved ones. When a doctor determines that an individual is eligible for palliative care services they receive coverage for drugs and medical equipment needed for care at home, as well as Home Support services.

For those community members who may not qualify for Home Support or who would like to receive additional help, please see our description of the Home Assist Program.