Child, Youth & Family

Denman Girls GroupThe Child, Youth and Family Team provides free, confidential help for Denman and Hornby Island families, teens and children.

  • Youth support and advocacy
  • Help to manage family challenges and conflicts
  • Assistance in increasing communication or problem-solving skills
  • Community education
  • Substance use and addictions support for youth
  • Sexual health and protection from sexual exploitation

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Some important contact numbers:
Youth & Family Counselling     confidential voice mail (250) 898-0247
Youth Outreach                        Mette (250) 650-3172 or Sara (250) 443-1658

Since 1993, the Society has offered a Child, Youth and Family Program to assist with family development and children and youth mental health support. The Team works independently from but receives funding through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and Island Health – Youth Substance Use Services.

Click here for BC’s Information Source for Children, Youth & Families.   1 800 665-1822